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Mozzarella available also Lactose Free
Fior di latte, Nodini, Bocconcini, Trecce e Ciliegine

Mozzarella cheeses are fresh stretched and soft curd cheeses in various forms. The most common dairy product in Italy and abroad is Fior di Latte. Fior di Latte, white, shiny and without rind, is characterized by a pleasantly fibrous but soft consistency, the aroma of milk and the flavor that transmits a slight acidulous nuance.


Price: € 11,60  per Kg

Price: € 13  per Kg for Lactose free Mozzarella


Ingredients: Raw Cow's Milk, Animal Rennet, Salt


Did you know that ... Fior di latte is recognized as a guaranteed traditional specialty (TSG) of Campania , Basilicata , Calabria , Puglia , Molise , Sicily and Lazio.


How to eat it: Fior di latte or Mozzarella can be eaten fresh as appetizers, simple and quick main courses and are perfect for aperitifs.


Fior di Latte is the cornerstone of the most famous Italian dish in the world, PIZZA. It is also the main ingredient of CAPRESE, finely chopped with tomatoes, a drizzle of oil and basil. Essential ingredient of the famous MOZZARELLA IN CARROZZA typical of Campania cuisine.


Wines: ideal to taste with young white wines.

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