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Soft dairy product, with a sweet and delicate flavor, Ricotta typically has a cone shape, more or less white in color with the smell of warm milk and hay when freshly made.


Price: 7,60 € per Kg


Ingredients: Cow's Milk Whey, Sheep's Milk Whey, Sheep's Milk and Salt


Did you know that ... Ricotta is the perfect symbol of the genius of the REUSE philosophy. In fact, in ancient times, farmers tried to invent every possible way to avoid wasting anything and to exploit every food, even waste ones. This is where ricotta is born. Its name also derives from the method in which it is produced: from the Latin re-coctus, cooked twice.


How to eat it:   Ricotta can be simply spread on bread, roasted or breaded and fried. It can also be used for sweet and savory dishes:

  • For desserts we cannot forget the typical NAPOLETAN PASTIERA and the CANNOLI

  • For Savory Dishes it is used as a key ingredient for PIZZA CHIENA (a rustic typical Avellinese)


Wines: ideal to taste with a young white wine

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