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Pecorino al Fiano

Pecorino with White Wine

Semi-matured fat cheese with raw and semi-hard paste; pale yellow in color and with a hard and compact rind. It has an intense and tannic flavor given by the anaerobic refinement in oak barrels submerged by Fiano marc


Price: 18 € per Kg


Ingredients: Raw Sheep's Milk, Latex Retainers, Rennet, Salt and Fiano marc


Did you know that ... The Bagnolese or Malvizza sheep is a particular type of sheep that is raised in the province of Avellino and precisely in the territory of the municipality of Bagnoli Irpino. The "Pecorino Bagnolese" is obtained from the milk of the Bagnolese sheep, fed exclusively on natural pastures in small farms.


How to eat it: Excellent to be tasted in purity especially associated with sausages.


Wines: ideal to taste with an aged and well structured white wine .

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