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Pecorino with Pomegranate and Honey Refined in Champagne

Semi-matured fat cheese with raw and semi-hard texture. Created from the union of a classic pecorino aged in Champagne and lacquered with honey and pomegranate. An explosion of flavor created by the combination of the spiciness of pecorino, the sweetness of honey, the acidic and sparkling notes of champagne combined with the freshness of pomegranate.


Available exclusively in the months of September - October - November in combination with the Pomegranate harvest.

Ingredients: Raw Sheep's Milk, Latex Retainers, Rennet, Salt, Champagne Pommery Noir Brut, 5% Chestnut Honey, 5% Pomegranate


Did you know that ... this is a unique product of the Raiamagra Dairy. The combination of these elements comes from a Parisian party, during which champagne and pomegranate were served. From there, our team started working on a cheese that would take anyone who tasted it back to a party on the Champs-élysées.


How to eat it: to taste pure.



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