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Salt Ricotta

Seasoned Ricotta, looks like a hard dairy product, aged for a minimum of 90 days. Like fresh Ricotta, it typically has a cone shape, ideal for grating. It differs from fresh ricotta as it has a more decisive and savory taste. We present it in various flavors in addition to the classic one, from the chili pepper variant or with the Bagnoli Black Truffle


Price: 11,70 € per Kg the classic. 13 € per Kg with chilli flakes. 19 € per Kg with the Black Truffle of Bagnoli.


Ingredients: Cow's Milk Whey, Sheep's Milk Whey, Sheep's Milk and Salt. (5% chilli flakes, 5% Bagnoli Black Truffle)


Did you know that ... Ricotta is the perfect symbol of the genius of the REUSE philosophy. In fact, in ancient times, farmers tried to invent every possible way to avoid wasting anything and to exploit every food, even waste ones. This is where ricotta is born. Its name also derives from the method in which it is produced: from the Latin re-coctus, cooked twice.


How to eat it The ricotta cheese is ideal for grating on white and red food dishes such as Pasta alla Norma or legumes.


Wines: ideal to taste with a young red wine

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