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Blue cheese with black truffle from Bagnoli Irpino

Fat cheese with dry and grainy white body. Delicately veined thanks to the grafting of molds. With a sweet but slightly spicy flavor as the aging progresses. Inedible rind with a soft beige color, all flavored with Black Truffle from Bagnoli Irpino


Price: 28 € per Kg


Ingredients: Raw Sheep's Milk, Latex Retainers, Rennet, Penicillium Roquefort Salt Molds and 5% Bagnoli Black Truffle


Did you know that ... this is a unique product of the Raiamagra Dairy. The name comes from the reactions triggered by the cheese during a dinner with friends who, on tasting, exclaimed the Bagnolese expression "T'Cunzuoli", in Italian "enjoy!" as an expression of pleasure!


How to eat it: Great to taste pure even after a meal.


Wines: ideal to be tasted with a passito wine



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