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The Caciocavallo

Hard or semi-hard stretched curd cheese depending on the maturation, with a straw yellow color that intensifies with the progress of maturation



SEMI-SEASONED (4-12 months) 16,20 € per Kg

SEASONED (> 12 months) 20,40 € per Kg



Ingredients: Raw Cow's Milk, Lactic Retainers, Rennet and Salt


Did you know that ... Caciocavallo takes its name from the ancient method of transport on horses or donkeys as the forms were tied in pairs and hung "on horseback" of the animal.


How to eat it:   Great to taste pure especially the more seasoned cheese, or "hung" or on loose ash for semi seasoned versions.


Wines: ideal to taste with an aged, fortified and well structured red wine.

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