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Pecorino Bagnolese

Aged fat cheese with raw and hard texture; straw-yellow in color and with a hard and compact rind of a more or less deep brown color. The rich and full flavor becomes spicier as the aging progresses.


   SEMI-SEASONED (6-12 months) 17 € per Kg

   GRAN RISERVA (> 12 months) € 22 per Kg

Ingredients:  Raw Sheep's Milk, Lactic Retainers, Rennet and Salt  

Did you know that ... The Bagnolese or Malvizza sheep is a particular type of sheep that is raised in the province of Avellino and precisely in the territory of the municipality of Bagnoli Irpino. The "Pecorino Bagnolese" is obtained from the milk of the Bagnolese sheep, fed exclusively on natural pastures in small farms.

At the table:  Excellent to be tasted in purity especially associated with sausages. Seasoned pecorino can also be used grated on first courses such as USCIEDDU, a typical dish of the Bagnolese tradition.


Wines:  ideal to taste with an aged, fortified and well structured red wine.

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