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The Scamorza

Semi-hard stretched curd cheese. The external structure is white or light straw yellow, the compact and elastic internal texture is white. It is a fat, fresh or short-aged cheese. In addition to the classic variant, we also present it with the Black Truffle from Bagnoli Irpino


Price: € 11,60 per kg for the classic. 17,70 € per Kg with the Black Truffle of Bagnoli


Ingredients: Cow's milk, rennet and salt (5% black truffle from Bagnoli)


Did you know that ... Scamorza is recognized as a traditional product of the Campania Region. The origin of the name scamorza derives from "capa mozzata", or severed head, as a consequence of the method of packaging the product which has a tie around the "neck" of the scamorza


How to eat it: It is great to eat alone uncooked or grilled, ideally combined with homemade bread and local vegetables or sausages. Ideal for baked dishes like Lasagne or as a condiment for cakes, pizzas and PARMIGIANA


Wines: ideal to taste with a young red wine

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