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Fresh Cheese 

Primo Sale

Fresh and young cheese, produced with Bagnolese sheep's milk, it has a cylindrical shape and has a thin rind. It is a low-calorie cheese, in fact it has on average about 270 kcal per 100gr.


Price: 11,60 € per Kg


Ingredients: Raw Sheep's Milk, Rennet and Salt


Did you know that ... it is called Primo Sale as the salting takes place only once and strictly by hand.


How to eat it:   Excellent to serve at the end of a meal, ideal accompanied by olives for an aperitif. It falls among the ingredients of PIZZA CHIENA (Stuffed Pizza Avellinese) and CASATIELLO Neapolitan


Wines: ideal to taste with a medium intensity, soft and fresh white wine.

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