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Fresh cheese - Primo Sale

Various Flavors

Fresh and young cheese, produced with Bagnolese sheep's milk, it has a cylindrical shape and has a thin rind. It is a low-calorie cheese, in fact it has on average about 270 kcal per 100gr. Available in various flavors: chilli  flakes, rocket, olives and walnuts


Price: 14 € per Kg


Ingredients: Raw Sheep's Milk, Rennet, Salt and 10% chilli flakes/ rocket / olives / nuts


Did you know that ... it is called Primo Sale as the salting takes place only once and strictly by hand.


How to eat it:   Excellent to serve at the end of a meal, ideal accompanied by olives for an aperitif. It falls among the ingredients of PIZZA CHIENA (Stuffed Pizza Avellinese) and CASATIELLO Neapolitan


Wines: ideal to taste with a medium intensity, soft and fresh white wine.

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